What is Pluggle?
Pluggle is an Advertising and Affiliate Marketing Program by paying  Thru Daily Login and by promoting your link. If you just sign up you will received 100 php ($2) for free.

How to earn in Pluggle?

You will start by activating your account to experience the Benefits and Bonuses.

If you activate your account these are the benefits:

▶Daily Login Bonus

Everyday you will have 100 php by logging in for 12 days.

100 x 12 = 1,200 php in this one you already have your ROI(Return of Investment)

▶Group Login bonus

If you refer someone and he/she activated his account. Every time he/she log in you will also have 60 php within 12 days (Max 1300 Login Bonus)

▶Referral System (Every account activated under your link)

▶Follow Bonus -100 php

Every successful invites you can received 100 php with no limit.

▶Binary System (Depends on Positioning, Left and Right)

▶Leveling Bonus – 400 php

Earn 400 php for every pair you make per level (Up to 10th level).

▶Pairing – 100 php

Earn  100 php for every pair up to infinity . But up to 30 pairs per day only or 3000 php ($60)/day per account.

How much is the Activation Fee?

You need to Buy a code 1000 php ($20)  (Code use to Activate Your Account).
Very Low-risk but the potential is big.

Interested? Email me at